At first when I heard about DBT I was overwhelmed, and the 1 year commitment seemed so long. Now 8 months has flown by and I plan on joining the aftercare group as soon as I complete my program. I have been in therapy since age 12, and DBT has been the first therapy that has taught me actual skills and tools to use, which has really transformed my life. I have been able to decrease my medication for the first time in 20 years and can keep my anxiety to a dull roar 90% of the time using my DBT skills. I can stop my ruminations for the first time ever. Kim is so great with somatic work, and really has taught me so much about watching, listening to and observing what my body is telling me. She is so zen, and brings a natural aura of calmness wherever she goes. The group is a fantastic way to delve deeper into the skills you are learning, and get to hear others share how they use their skills and explore new avenues for using DBT skills. -Tricia

"I have been seeing Jennifer Klutch for many years. She has been very inspirational to me. She has gone above and beyond to help me achieve my goal of obtaining my bachelor’s degree and moving towards earning my master’s degree.  Jenny has consistently been an advocate and mentor for me. DBT has helped me to use mindfulness and emotional regulation. Being a single mom can be exhausting, overwhelming and tiring and DBT has helped me to have control with life’s stressors, anxieties, and depression.  The atmosphere at DBT and EMDR Specialists is very relaxing, friendly, and professional. décor is clean, upbeat, beautiful and welcoming. My first impression at EMDR and DBT Specialist was one of astonishment and awe.   What makes this place so awesome and special is the care and support that the professionals have for their clients. I would strongly recommend Jenny and the professionals at DBT and EMDR Specialist because I know that it has helped me in many ways.  Unlike other facilities, that lacked the care and personal touch, Jenny and the folks at DBT and EMDR Specialist care about people. It shows that they love what they do."  -Maryann

"I started seeing Jenny Klutch 3 years ago doing DBT and EMDR. Since starting DBT, I have seen a huge transformation in myself. I have gained self-confidence and self-esteem, learned new skills, alleviated a lot of guilt from my life, and developed healthy and meaningful relationships. 
I really enjoy doing DBT and DBT and EMDR Specialists because I feel that the therapists live what they teach, and practice DBT in their own lives which is inspiring. The environment is nurturing, attentive and comforting, and the learning is hands-on. DBT group provided me with a sense of family and belonging and an opportunity to share victories and struggles with others which is very affirming. Jenny and Kim treat everyone as an individual and celebrate what is unique about each person. They balance each other well and are raw and authentic in their delivery. As a highly sensitive person, I absorb the energy around me and the energy at DBT and EMDR Specialists is wonderful. Patient care always comes number one, and they truly care about people."  -Client