James Broton, Clinical Trainee  

Perham Office

Approach: I strive to create a safe, nonjudgmental, encouraging, supportive atmosphere where clients can ground themselves, work on their unique needs, thrive, and flourish.  Clients have told me that they appreciate my positivity, and I believe smiling, laughing, and having fun all support the healing process.  I like to help clients identify their strengths and focus on solutions.  I am passionate about helping clients implement DBT skills, particularly the DBT mindfulness skills, which I believe can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while boosting authentic self-esteem, courage, self-compassion, inner-wisdom, relaxation, empowerment, unconditional self-worth, unconditional self-love, happiness, joy, and peace.   

Interests: My interests include working with adults and adolescents who want help with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, self-esteem, confidence, physical and emotional pain, shame, guilt, anger, fear, and building healthy relationships.  

Favorite DBT Skill: Clients tell me that DBT Distress Tolerance skills are highly valuable and effective.  Distress Tolerance skills help when we are in a crisis, feel out of control, or are overwhelmed by painful emotions such as anger, fear, and panic.  These skills help people replace behaviors that make things worse (such as self-harm, addictive behaviors, and emotional outbursts that harm relationships) with skillful behaviors that reduce distress in the short term and help build a life worth living in the long term. ​

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