Client and Provider Resources



Hallie Corbett,

Director of Community Engagement

Plymouth and Elk River Office

My mission in my position is to provide community outreach and education to ensure that prospective clients and mental health professionals know that we are here and ready to help individuals build a life worth living through our state-certified DBT program (dialectical behavior therapy). To do this, I deliver presentations to both inpatient and outpatient providers as well as social workers and other advocates to make personal connections, answer questions, and demonstrate the quality of services DBT & EMDR Specialists, PA provides. When a provider or advocate has a client in crisis, needs to make a referral to a patient transitioning out of inpatient care, or needs to make a referral from psychotherapy to a more structured and intense program, I want to be a phone call you feel confident making. My hope is that we can work together to provide a smooth and seamless transition for a client into our care.
For Clients: If you are looking to see a therapist at either of our locations but need help finding the right fit, have questions regarding your insurance, or want to learn more about DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) please reach out to me via my contact information below.

For Providers: To schedule a presentation, meeting, or phone consultation, or to have brochures/business cards mailed or delivered to you, or have any further questions, please reach out to me via my contact information below.


Phone: 763-412-0722


Hana Doering,

Director of Administration

As Director of Administration I oversee many day-to-day business operations and procedures.  It doesn’t sound fancy but it’s the behind-the-scenes nitty gritty that makes sure everything else goes smoothly. This includes big, important things like ensuring therapists are trained, licensed and credentialed properly, managing various aspects of the finances,  and assisting with Billing and Client care needs and issues down to seemingly little things like making sure we don’t run out of your favorite hot beverage to sip during session.


I see the healing journey of therapy as something very sacred.  Being able to provide support to the therapists and administrative team so that your experience has a positive, lasting impact is very fulfilling for me.  The people and culture of the clinic are also very empowering, both personally and professionally, and being able to learn DBT skills just from being in the clinic has been profound in my life. 


Outside of work I enjoy yoga, cooking, rock climbing with my daughter, and summer in Minnesota.  I have a personal research project that I call Hana Savors where my goal is to find and do more things that make me feel alive; top two things on that list: surfing and motorcycling (I have my license but no motorcycle).


Phone: 763-412-0722


Kimberly Robinson,

Billing Specialist

As the medical billing specialist at DBT EMDR Specialists, my role is to make sure that the billing is done efficiently and as simple as possible, so that the client experience and care is a great one. It is my goal to make sure that the client not only knows what to expect but also that they understand their insurance thoroughly, which makes it easier for them to focus on their treatment and care. What I love most about my role is that I can understand from both sides, and I absolutely want every client to feel respected. When I am not doing billing, I love to sing, write, spend time with my kids, and read.



Phone: 763-412-0722


Maria Prada

Client Care Coordinator

My role as the client care coordinator is to work with both the administration team as well as clients. I’m happy to assist clients with any questions they have whether it is related to insurance benefits and verification's, payments, scheduling, resources. The majority of the time I am the first point of contact clients encounter, I believe it is important to address client questions and provide all the information they need to determine that our clinic can provide services they are seeking.  I am willing to communicate with clients in the method the feel more comfortable with, through phone or email.


What I enjoy about my job is the sense of freedom our clients feel where it’s okay for them to be themselves. I enjoy working in a clinic that is unique from other locations and hearing feedback from clients about our wonderful providers and how DBT has benefit their life. I also enjoy hanging out with Charlie at my desk!


When I’m not at work you can find me spending time with my family and friends or attending rock concerts. 



Phone: 763-412-0722