Chris Klippen, B.A., J.D., Master of Arts Candidate in Marriage & Family Therapy

Elk River Office

Approach: My approach to therapy is first and foremost to carefully listen to each client, couple or family to help them identify their individual needs and desires. I then collaborate with my clients in co-creating the best therapeutic approach to accomplish their unique goals to achieve the life they choose.  For most of us, change doesn’t come easily and often involves the pain and discomfort of learning new skills and ways of dealing with life’s inevitable challenges.  Working together we can help you overcome these challenges to create the changes that will lead to better results, outlook and relationships in your life.  I am focused on helping my clients get “unstuck” from old habits and patterns so they can begin to grow and experience life in new and healthier ways. 

Interests: I am interested in working with couples who want to develop a deeper, more fulfilling relationship. Working together we can resolve issues involving trust, infidelity, communication, emotional burn out, intimacy, sex, parenting and work/life balance. I also love working with professional individuals who wish to experience a life they truly want to live, especially those who are struggling to achieve a healthy balance between the demands of their career, their lives and their families.      

Favorite DBT Skill: Willingness. It all begins with an open mind, heart and spirit that inspires us to move from the life we currently have to the life we choose to live.  

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