Bridgit Pankonin, MA, LPC

Perham Offices 

Approach: My approach begins with developing a therapeutic relationship with my clients.  Research shows this is the best predictor of successful outcomes for my client in therapy.  I use an Integrative Therapy approach that blends elements from different approaches and tailor my client’s treatment according to my client’s needs. I strive to help my clients change by emphasizing concern, care and interest.   DBT therapy provides a great opportunity for my clients to improve their quality of life and their overall success in creating a “life worth living”.  

Interests: My interests include working with families and couples, parenting training and individuals with a history of trauma that has impacted them.  I am also interested in working with clients diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and working with the families and loved ones impacted by this difficult disorder.

Favorite DBT Skill: My favorite DBT skill is Mindfulness because I think it is the cornerstone of all the skills we teach in DBT.  Clients need to be mindful in order to do the tough work of skills training.  I also like Distress Tolerance Skills because they can help my clients move from a place of being stuck in distress to a place where they can move forward.

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