April Bergstrom, MA

Elk River Office

Approach: I use a client-centered, strengths-based approach, creating a safe space for clients to express themselves without judgement. It is important to me to create an atmosphere of acceptance and maintain a collaborative relationship with clients. I encourage and support clients as they learn and practice new coping strategies. In addition to DBT, I am trained in art therapy. The creative process of art making can be useful in many ways including reducing stress and anxiety, expressing emotions that are difficult to talk about, and seeing things from a new perspective. Clients can use the art making process to learn how to be mindful and access a “flow” state of mind. When working with children, art can also be used as a form of play, allowing children to make stories and express themselves metaphorically.

Interests: I am interested in working with children, adolescents, and adults who want to increase their self-esteem, improve their relationship skills, change self-destructive behaviors, and learn new ways of coping with difficult emotions and thoughts.          

Favorite DBT Skill: My favorite DBT skill is the mindfulness skill “One-Mindfully.” This means being completely present in this one moment. Sometimes we can get lost in thoughts about the past or worries about the future. The road to less pain is letting go of past and future pain, allowing ourselves to only suffer the pain of the present moment

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