Anna Sederberg, MA, LPCC

Plymouth Office

Approach:  It is important to me to empower individuals to increase awareness of their own wisdom, strengths, and values, and to utilize these to guide our collaborative work together.  I am passionate about mindfulness-based practices, including assisting clients with beginning to view themselves and their emotions with acceptance, compassion, and curiosity, allowing space to create any desired changes in their lives.  My approach is also guided by EMDR, Narrative Therapy, DBT, and Positive Psychology.

Interests:  My professional interests include challenges related to influences of depression and anxiety, in addition to a variety of issues including but not limited to PTSD (and symptoms related to both big and small trauma), low self-confidence, influences of shame, and self-harming or self-destructive behaviors.

Favorite DBT Skill:  Finding Meaning is one of my favorite DBT skills.  I believe that finding or creating a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives increases our resilience in the face of pain, in addition to adding a sense of fulfillment and joy.  Whether it is through contributing something to the world through self-expression or work, experiencing and receiving what life and others have to offer, or finding freedom and empowerment in our ability to choose our responses to our life circumstances, I agree with Viktor Frankl’s statement that "challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human."

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