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Laura Anderson, MA, LPCC

Approach: My personal style of therapy includes building upon clients’ strengths and unique values.  I believe fully in the benefits DBT because over the last eight years as a DBT Therapist I have seen how DBT skills empower people to help themselves. I have first hand experience with the benefits of practicing DBT skills, especially mindful breath observation (since August 2015). Since making this commitment to meditative breath practice, I have noticed that I experience a greater sense of calm and peace.

Hobbies: I enjoy all varieties of yoga, spending time with my 3 grown children and reading books on developing mindful awareness, such as The Seven Steps to Awakening and The Direct Means to Eternal Bliss.

Quote: “DBT takes commitment, and it can be challenging; however, just showing up helps people make HUGE progress in their lives. It brings me great pleasure and joy to be with you as you take the first step, as an act of Loving Kindness, to a very important person: YOU.”

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