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Jenny Klutch, MA, LPCC

Approach: When working with clients, my approach is guided by DBT, Prolonged Exposure and/or EMDR with the goal of transformation and long lasting change. DBT provides clients with skills that help them to effectively navigate difficult emotions and interpersonal relationships, while EMDR and Prolonged Exposure allow clients to reprocess their trauma in an adaptive resolution that helps them re-engage in life. When using EMDR and/or Prolonged Exposure in the second stage of DBT, emotional intensity is decreased and clients can use DBT skills even more effectively.   

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, traveling, biking, body surfing and swimming.

Quote: It is such a privilege to walk alongside clients in their healing journey. I find time and time again that clients possess a great capacity to heal when they engage in learning life changing DBT skills and then proceed courageously to Stage 2 of DBT and face their extensive traumatic histories through Prolonged Exposure and EMDR.”

“Prolonged Exposure is like resetting each bone that did not set right when the traumas occurred.” – Jody, Current Client 

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