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Danny Shaheen, MS

Approach:While struggle is inevitable for all of us, professional counseling can help when life becomes overwhelming or unbearable. It is a foundation of my therapeutic practice that attention is drawn to how the body responds to emotional difficulty, which can help access meaning that traditional talk therapy might miss. I have a passion for working with those who live with chronic pain or other medically complex conditions, as well as trauma, anxiety, and depression. Through the therapeutic process, it is my hope that clients form more positive relationships with themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

Hobbies: Outside the clinic, one of my primary passions is creating music. I am a guitarist, and my social life often revolves around collaborating with other musician friends of mine. I also have regular yoga, breathing, and journaling practices that help keep me mindful and centered. I enjoy helping clients to create their own mindfulness practices; whatever form they may take.

Quote: “Please know that were you and I to work together the process will be collaborative, and based on your unique circumstance and needs. Beginning therapy can be intimidating, but despite discussing difficult subject matter there is room for humor and joy in this experience as well.”


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