Rachel Ans

Plymouth Office

Approach: I believe when given a safe and supportive place to explore our experiences and ourselves, we have the ability to gain awareness of our potential. I strive to encourage autonomy, advocacy and personal growth within the individuals that I have the opportunity to work with. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, and operate from an Existential/Humanistic therapeutic approach, to provide an environment conducive to progress.

Interests: I enjoy working with individuals in regard to managing trauma, DBT skills, chemical dependency issues, severe persistent mental illness and within the LGBTQIA community.

Favorite DBT Skill: Radical acceptance is my favorite skill. Learning that reality may sometimes be painful, but life can be worth living even in the midst of these painful experiences. If we can realize our attempts to avoid or reject pain results in more suffering, then we can work on acceptance. In difficult situations practicing radical acceptance allows us to take our power back and choose a different path.

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