Holly Robinson, MSW, LICSW

Plymouth Office

Approach: I believe in an empathic approach to therapy. It is important to me to meet clients where they are at, using a strengths-based and nonjudgmental approach. I draw from a variety of therapy modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, illness management and recovery, dialectical behavioral therapy and seeking safety skills for those that suffer from posttraumatic stress. I believe in providing a safe and welcoming environment that allows individuals to effectively manage their lives and reach their highest potential.

Interests: I am interested in working with adults who struggle with symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma and co-occurring disorders. My interests also include healthy relationships and issues related to self-esteem.  

Favorite DBT Skill: Practicing a nonjudgmental stance is a favorite DBT skill of mine. Under the umbrella of mindfulness, taking a nonjudgmental stances empowers individuals to problem solve and make choices that will be serving and supportive. I believe anyone can benefit from becoming more aware of their thoughts and feelings, practicing acceptance and being less judgmental of self and others.

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