Hallie Corbett, Director of Community Engagement and Administration  

Plymouth and Elk River Office

Rachel, Billing Specialist

Plymouth and Elk River Office

My mission in my position is to provide community outreach and education to ensure that prospective clients and mental health professionals know that we are here and ready to help individuals build a life worth living through our state-certified DBT program (dialectical behavior therapy). To do this, I deliver presentations to both inpatient and outpatient providers as well as social workers and other advocates to make personal connections, answer questions, and demonstrate the quality of services DBT & EMDR Specialists, PA provides. When a provider or advocate has a client in crisis, needs to make a referral to a patient transitioning out of inpatient care, or needs to make a referral from psychotherapy to a more structured and intense program, I want to be a phone call you feel confident making. My hope is that we can work together to provide a smooth and seamless transition for a client into our care.
For Clients: If you are looking to see a therapist at either of our locations but need help finding the right fit, have questions regarding your insurance, or want to learn more about DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) please reach out to me via my contact information below.

For Providers: To schedule a presentation, meeting, or phone consultation, or to have brochures/business cards mailed or delivered to you, or have any further questions, please reach out to me via my contact information below.

Email: hallie@dbtemdr.com

Phone: 763-412-0722


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